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Beef Slider Patties

Beef Slider Patties

1 lb | pkg

If you love a burger but wish you could have more of them, Beef Slider Patties are a perfect choice. Our sliders are made from a blend of brisket, chuck, round, and trim, which are about 80-85% lean. The blend of these different cuts with a little extra fat in the mix makes for a juicy, scrumptious bite, every time. Our patties are ground twice for that smooth, thick, savory bite.

Each of our slider packages has eight 2 oz. patties. This is the perfect amount to bring to any cookout or for a fun dinner at home. With more patties, you can experiment with different flavors for every slider! Make one spicy buffalo and the other a traditional cheeseburger – we won’t judge! Seven Sons is here to help you take your flavor experience to the next level.

Our beef is 100% grass-fed, every time
. We never give our animals antibiotics, drugs, GMOs, hormones, or steroids. Every time you order from Seven Sons, you know you’re getting the best quality meat that we can offer. Our packages are available for local pick up or home delivery.

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