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Beef Sierra Steak

Beef Sierra Steak

8 oz avg. | pkg

While this steak is similar to flank, these cuts come from completely different parts of the animal. Flank comes from the belly muscles, sierra steak comes from the shoulder. Sierra cuts are known for their hearty and beefy flavors. Whether you're looking to grill or put it in the slow-cooker, this cut is ideal for many delicious recipes. 

For a dish that's full of flavor, try a classic chili with our beef sierra steak. The flavors of this steak are robust because it is cut against the grain and seasoned with garlic, jalapeƱos, and chili powder. Using this cut to create beef kabobs will also make for another tasty home-cooked meal.

For the best cuts with versatile flavors, check out our options. Our animals are always fed with grass, never grains. With Seven Sons, you will always know exactly what you're putting into your body. 

We also never use animal by-products in our food so your meals are always as fresh as possible. 

Shop our selection of sierra cuts today and delight your entire family with genuine farm-to-table meals!

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