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Pacific Cod Filet

Pacific Cod Filet

1 | 6oz Filet
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Whether you love cod because it has been part of your diet for years, or you're looking to dip your toes into the experience of eating fish and chips we have the Pacific Cod Filets that you're after.

When you order your 6 oz. Cod filet from our farm, we'll deliver your order frozen in insulated boxes right to your doorstep.

Our partners at Cannon Fish Seattle long-line harvest the Cod from Oregon to Alaska. The practice is certified sustainable by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. From quotas to limited entries, the council focuses on keeping populations healthy and limiting bycatch so you can enjoy your order guilt-free!

The NPFMC also practices seasonal closures along with gear restrictions. Cannon Fish Seattle works closely with the organization to ensure that they are following the most sustainable fishing practices.

Pacific Cod is a chef favorite for its flaky texture and mild flavor. The fish is lean and white, which works perfectly for baking, grilling, or cooking in a skillet. When paired with steamed vegetables or potatoes, Seven Sons will make your taste buds sing to the high heavens.