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Makes 20 ounces when blended with 1.5 cups of liquid

This "back on track" smoothie will make you feel incredible! Detox has the primal earthy flavor that only Mother Nature can provide, bold flavors from the mint and lime, and fresh tastes from the ginger. The cucumber is hydrating and aids in flushing out toxins. Avocado provides a key omega-3 fatty acid, which has been shown to have heart-related benefits. Ginger is among the healthiest spices, loaded with nutrients it is highly effective in aiding digestion and reducing inflammation. Feeling a little puffy and inflamed? Did you overindulge last night with too much food and drink? Does your system need a little spring cleaning? Start to detoxify your body with Detox.

Detox is designed to be delicious and nutritious when blended with just water.


Spinach, Pears, Oranges, Cucumber, Avocados, Date Puree (Dates, Water), Lime, Lime Zest, Turmeric, Ginger-Mint Puree (Ginger, Water, Mint), Lemon Juice

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