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CUTUP Chicken

CUTUP Chicken

3 - 4 lb avg / bird

Chicken is a versatile meat that is rich in protein and other essential vitamins and minerals. Our cut-up chicken comes in 3-4lb packages. Each package contains two bone-in breasts, two legs, two wings, and the back.

Whole chickens are great for cooks who want to experiment with different flavors and try out different cuts. The advantage of buying it pre-parted is that you won't have to spend any extra time learning how to carve your meat correctly.

Purchasing it this way allows you to spend your time and energy coming up with creative recipes to put to the test.

We recommend making a creamy garlic chicken using breast meat. Another favorite recipe is to use the legs to make honey butter chicken. Oven-baked chicken tossed with vegetables, herbs, garlic, and olive oil is another healthy crowd-pleaser.

Whatever you decide to cook, make sure that you include lots of moisture to avoid ending up with dry and rubbery meat.

Our cut-up poultry is non-GMO and does not include hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. We only source ethically treated and farm-raised poultry because we know chicken treated right tastes better. 

We deliver our products to you in carefully packaged insulated boxes that guarantee the freshness of the meat.