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10 PK Chicken Drumsticks

10 PK Chicken Drumsticks

16 - 18 oz avg pkg | 10 pkgs

*Best Value Item*

Drumsticks are one of the most versatile cuts of meat on any U.S. table. Whether you want to smoke them, fry them up or bake them, they are absolutely delicious.

Our drumsticks are also great for any spice rubs and sauces you desire. They are perfectly tender and can easily take on any flavor you want, and this multi-pack is a great value for "drummie" lovers.

It doesn't matter if you want to barbecue them or cook up an Asian inspired ginger chicken, you'll find our drumsticks are the perfect match for any meal. Of course, they're perfectly delicious and juicy on their own, making them a hit at any gathering!

On chicken is raised on pasture following strict protocols to ensure our customers receive nothing less than quality meat. GMO-free and pasture-raised, we stay completely away from hormones or steroids.

As always, you can feel good when you cook these chicken drumsticks for your family. They are delicious and match the quality you've come to know and love here at Seven Sons. After all, all of our chickens are raised on pasture. These drumsticks are ready and waiting for you, and now available by the package on our website for your convenience.