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Caveman Grilled New York Strip Steaks!
January 22, 2016 • 0 comments
Caveman Grilled New York Strip Steaks!

Equipment Used:

1 - Weber Kettle Grill

1/3 bag of Mesquite Wood Chunks or Wood of your choice (Oak and Mesquite my preferred)

1 - Long Handled Tongs


Step 1 - Season your steaks with olive oil, salt and pepper

Step 2 - Build your fire and allow it to burn down to hot glowing embers

Step 3 - Place the steaks directly on the coals.  See guide below for cook times and temperatures

Step 4 - Slice and Serve!!!

Cook Times and Temperatures

These are suggestions on cook times, so use an instant read thermometer for a more accurate way to check for doneness.

2 - 2.5 Minutes - Rare (130 to 135 degrees internal)

3 - 3.5 Minutes - Medium Rare (140 to 145 degrees internal)

4 - 4.5 minutes - Medium (155 to 160 degrees internal)

Pit Master's Tip: Only use real wood or natural lump hardwood charcoal for this method.  Do not use charcoal briquettes or lighter fluid.


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