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Team work makes the farm work!

February 24, 2018

I'm very proud to say that our hard working fulfillment team completed a record week while getting all the beef orders out the door! 

All together these folks packed over 12 pallets worth of orders last week (with plenty more to go out this week.) 
Here's a few behind the scenes photos I snapped...

Above is a photo of the team taking a well-deserved break after a team meal in the conference room. 

Blake and I arrived at the farm at 4:30 AM yesterday morning to help our drivers (Scott, Gregg & Carol) get loaded and on the road. These are some dedicated folks who partner with us to ensure all orders make it to our club leader's pickup locations and home delivery hubs each week!

We are very grateful and humbled by your support and participation in our first ever Winter Beef Harvest event. This has been a big help as we seek to embrace the seasonal production patterns that nature lends us. 

We already have some very encouraging Google reviews from folks who received their orders last week. 

Here's what customers are saying:

"This is very good meat. I have tried both the Beef Ribs and the Italian Pork Sausage. I really enjoy the convenience of having my order delivered directly to my door, especially during these cold, winter months. I just tasted my Beef Ribs taken from an all night cooking in the Crockpot. Very tender, and not a lot of bone. I will be ordering more." - Linda

"I've been buying from other farms for several years now. I made the switch to Seven Sons after watching their recent "tour of the farm" youtube series. They did a great job of using technology to bring you to the farm. There was something about hearing from those who worked day in and out with the animals that triggered a switch from the farm I was previously buying from. I began buying from farms because I could no longer stomach buying meat from CAFOs as well as for the health benefit of pasture raised, grass fed meat. I got my first order via home delivery a couple weeks ago. The meat is amazing. The ground sirloin is so flavorful! I can't wait to explore everything they have to offer. Also, the eggs. So good. We are big Seven Sons fans and hope to continue buying from them for a very long time!"  - Kate

I'd love to hear from you as well! 

Leave me your comments below...

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