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Say hello to Lucas Fisher

August 11, 2018

Today I’m proud to introduce you to Lucas Fisher who is one of our farm managers.

Lucas started working as part-time summer help a few years ago and his passion and expertise have landed him as a key member of our team. 

Lucas wanted to introduce himself to you by giving you a video tour of how our lambs, hens, and pigs are managed each day. Take a look!

Did you know… most small farms will not survive and pass on to the next generation. 

A friend just told me that in Wisconsin alone, over 600 small dairy farms went out of business in the last 6 months. 

Finding meaningful work on a farm these days is tough to come by but at Seven Sons YOU are helping us beat the odds!

When you support our farm you are providing opportunities for the next generation of young regenerative farmers!

Thank you!!!

Blaine Hitzfield

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