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5 Reasons For Buying Locally Grown Food

June 15, 2015

More Nutrients For Your Money

Foods in the grocery store might appear cheaper, but when comparing the true value of nutrients-per-dollar, local naturally grown foods are actually a better value. Consider that grass-fed beef has over 5 times as much omega-3 and about twice as much conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) compared to grain-fed beef. Both omega-3 and CLA contribute significantly to your health and even weight loss. Also consider that foods lose nutrients over time.

Through a process called respiration, fruits and vegetables will continue to break down stored carbohydrates, proteins and fats, even after being picked. This leads to the loss of flavor and nutrients. Foods sold in the grocery store will unlikely be as fresh as foods bought locally, so you can get more nutrients for your money by purchasing local.


Regenerate The Soil For Future Generations

Chemicals like herbicides and pesticides rob our soils of important nutrients, and over time industrial farming will have a detrimental impact on the vitality of our land. Buying from local farms that practice sustainable agriculture will help bring rich nutrients back to the soils, allowing the earth to continue to provide nutrient dense foods for our children and our children's children.


Food Security

Local food production is self-sustaining and requires less support from infrastructure like roads, electricity, and fossil fuels. If the grid were to ever go down, the commercial food system would collapse, food would become scarce (on average, grocery stores only maintain a 3 day supply of food) and prices would skyrocket.

Local food production doesn’t rely on so many variables, and your local farm will be the only reliable source of food if our country ever faced a major food shortage. Investing in your local food sources is an investment in your food security.


Food Production Accountability

When buying locally you have the unique opportunity to meet the people producing your food face-to-face. You can visit your local farmer and see firsthand how the animals are raised and treated. Good luck trying to do this with the factory farms.


Build Community

One of the unique aspects of buying locally is having the opportunity to participate in community enriching buying methods such as food buying clubs. Many farmers make deliveries to food clubs on a regular schedule right in your neighborhood which present the opportunity to interact with fellow health-conscious consumers, share recipes, make new friends, and support the local food system as a community.



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