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Read Why People Trust Seven Sons

We are transitioning to hormone-free foods in our home and I am glad we tried Seven Sons Farm. The meat was delivered on time. It came in a cardboard box lined with thermal insulation and dry ice. Everything was frozen when I opened the box. Everyone who has tried the meat has commented on how great it tastes. Definitely worth the $$.
Mindy G. Mindy G.
Stellar. I love everything about this company! ...their mission, customer service, teaching videos, user-friendly website, educational pamphlets, flexible monthly ordering - everything! Admittedly, we are changing the way we cook to accommodate smaller meat portions because well-raised, healthy meat definitely costs more, but it has been worth it. Just the color and texture of Seven Son's products speaks for itself. And we can personally speak about their customer service and follow up.
Adventure Ev. Adventure Ev.
I was very happy to receive my insulated box with the items I’d ordered. The food quality has been outstanding. I’m glad I can get such high quality items that you typically wouldn’t find at a grocery store. I am so happy to have found this place and intend to be a repeat customer. Can’t wait for my next order.
Lev K. Lev K.
We couldn't be happier with our purchase and will order again very soon. Shipping was perfect - arrived exactly when it was supposed to. Ordering was easy, and customer service was right on time. I am not related to these folks, and I wasn't pestered, threatened or paid to leave a good review. This business and the products they offer are fantastic. Thank you Seven Sons Farms!! 😊😊 👍👍 ❤️
Ivy C. Ivy C.
I really love that this family farm is able to provide so many people with healthy affordable food. I love reading the farm blog and the videos the family shares about the animals and their farming practices. Everything we received in our first order has been very good. We will be ordering from Seven Sons again for our meat purchases.
David C. David C.
My first order arrived packaged in very effective yet minimally environmentally invasive padded materials. The steaks, chops, and poultry was frozen more solid than I have ever previously experienced even when shopping in a grocery store! As I have used the items for my dinners, the quality of the various types of protein has proven to be very high, delicious, and well butchered. I am hooked on Seven Sons.
Michael H. Michael H.

Common Questions

 Are the bundles customizable?

Currently, we're not set up well to offer customization on these bundles. Part of the reason we're able to offer the special pricing is due to the efficiencies that the standardization of these bundles helps provide. Consequently, offering customization would increase the price due to the extra labor and inventory management this would create.

How much freezer space will I need for my bulk order?

As a general rule of thumb you should plan for 1 cubic foot of freezer space per 35-40 pounds of meat. (1 cubic foot of space is roughly the size of a full large brown grocery bag.)

For comparison sake, our 1/8 Beef Box is 35 lbs.

How are bundles packaged?

After our meat is dry aged and hand-cut, it's then vacuum sealed in premium mill easy-tear, BPA free packaging. This packaging is designed to seal completely around each cut of meat locking in the freshness. Once the product has been packaged, it is then immediately flash frozen to preserve freshness and flavor.

How long will product last in my freezer?

Cuts will stay fresh up to one year in the freezer as long as the vacuum seal has not been compromised. If a seal should happen to come loose, the product should be fine. Just use this package first. Once the product has been thawed, they should be cooked within two to three days of refrigeration.

Is the meat freshly frozen?

Unlike a common industry practice, our product does not spend time fresh on a grocery store shelf and then frozen as a last resort to extend its life. Rather, all of our meat products are intentionally aged then flash-frozen immediately after processing to preserve ultimate freshness!

Why Buy in Bulk?

Save Money

When purchasing in bulk you are helping us sync our farm’s production cycles with the seasonal changes in nature. Our bundles are also stocked with a variety of cuts that utilize the whole animal resulting in less waste and inventory headaches for us. This equates to greater sustainability and cost savings that we can pass along to you!

The savings listed for each bundle reflects how much you save when purchasing a bundle versus individual retail cuts.

Save Time

Let’s face it… keeping your fridge stocked each week with high quality pasture-raised meats can sometimes be expensive and time consuming. When you purchase in bulk, not only do you save money but it also means less time spent on last minute trips to the grocery. We can even deliver your order to your door or a local pickup location.

No Confusion

Purchasing bulk freezer meat can be down right confusing. Bulk freezer meat is typically sold by the hanging weight, which means you don't always know your cost and how much meat you'll actually receive. We eliminate this confusion by offering pre-assembled bundles so that you’re not left guessing what you will receive.

Winter Beef Sale Deals Expire on Monday Feb. 28th @ 11:59pm EST