Meadow View Goat Dairy FarmMeadow View Goat Dairy is owned and operated by the Coblentz Family near Fremont Michigan. The Coblentz Family began milking goats in 2003 and are presetnly milking 120 goats twice each day. Although they are not certified organic their farming practices align with the values we uphold at Seven Sons. The goats are free of confiment and are pasture-raised during the summer months and fed haylage with dry hay in the winter. They use only GMO free grains and the goats are hormone and BST free. 

It is the goal of Meadow View Dairy to produce a locally made, fresh, healthy, and delicious choose for folks to enjoy. They use only fresh 1-2 day old milk instead of 709 day old milk used by the larger cheese plants. The cheese results in a fresher and milder flavored cheese. 

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