Bee Free Gluten-Free Bakery

1bQI0uL0ezPCX5uK-1429656472.jpgBEEFREE GLUTEN-FREE BAKERY is locally owned and operated by Jennifer Wiese in Noblesville, IN. She personalized her baked goodies with all natural and gluten-free ingredients. Items are made in a carefully controlled kitchen with specially selected ingredients free from gluten and dairy and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

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Bourbon Barrel Foods

Bourbon Barrel Foods is the maker of gourmet food products that reflect the rich heritage of Kentucky’s Bourbon Country, “The Napa Valley of the Bluegrass”. Bourbon Barrel’s philosophy is to make quality gourmet sauces and seasonings by adhering to 3 words: slow, small, simple. Some of their products are aged in bourbon barrels which are housed in a 120 year old rick system that came from the Old Crow Distillery. They have a hands-on approach that requires them to search for the best the state has to offer and develop relationships with the farmers that get great satisfaction seeing their crops grown from seed to the shelf. Learn more...



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Cannon Fish Seattle

Cellulose Material Solutions

Grandpa Jack's Maple Syrup

Gunthorp Farms

Gunthorp Farms strives to bring you the highest quality free-range meats raised on their small family farm in LaGrange, IN. The Gunthorp family raises pastured pigs, chickens, and ducks and they harvest these animals on their very own small-scale USDA inspected meat processing plant located right on the farm. In addition to working with Seven Sons, they also distribute their meat products to some of the finest white tablecloth restaurants in the Midwest including Charlie Trotter’s, Frontera Grill, and Joseph Decuis, among others.



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Hartzler Family Dairy

Our Philosophy

When Harold Hartzler made the decision in 1964, over thirty years ago, to stop using chemical pesticides, herbicides, and artificial growth hormones on the familyfarm it was not a marketing decision. He did it because he had witnessed the harmful effect of chemical run-off on a neighboring farm after a storm. If the chemicals used in farming were this harmful to the fields, and those chemicals infiltrated the food chain, then they must also be harmful to humans, he reasoned. It was then that Harold Hartzler set down a basic philosophy that to this day guides the family business. He decided to farm in the most natural way possible, depending on earthworms, air, water and sunshine to nourish the soil. His philosophy is summed up in three simple words:

“As Nature Intended.”

Dad Hartzler’s philosophy continues to guide the family business. Hartzler milk is processed in the most minimal way possible that is allowable. And, as it turns out, advances in medical technology demonstrate that food in its natural state is far healthier than highly processed foods, including milk.

The entire Hartzler family promises to remain true to Dad Hartzler’s philosophy. And we promise to continue to bring you the healthiest, most natural, and tastiest milk possible!

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Harvest Cafe Coffee & Tea

Hidden Pond Farm

We are Andy and Beverly McDowell and we run a small farm-based new enterprise in Wayne County, Indiana. In a quest to solve certain health problems, particularly digestive, we started making raw fermented cultured vegetables and beverages, based on Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions. Our interest in finding real answers to health problems, coupled with a passion for organic gardening, spawned the Hidden Pond Farm enterprise. 

We raise as many of our organically grown ingredients as we can manage.  We utilize traditional organic buildup practices. But we also employ the broad mineral balance, trace mineral addition and other high brix methods. The result is organically rich, high brix, mineral-balanced food with world-class health attributes.

Our aim is to provide local folks with healthy, tradition-crafted raw lacto-fermented Sauerkrauts, KimChi, Kvass, and Kombucha.  Our state-certified facility located on our farm is perhaps the only one dedicated solely to making ferments in the state of Indiana.  We are able to make our products on site in temperature-controlled chambers for more consistent and high quality products.

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LocalFolks Foods

Steve and Anita Spencer and their two children live in Sheridan, Indiana, working with pride on farmland that has been in their family since 1838, known as the Kercheval homestead. LocalFolks Foods started as an outgrowth of their innovative, natural farming venture, Homestead Growers, using excess harvest from their mushroom and produce operation. In just a few years, Steve and Anita, along with Paul Skirvin, have created a diverse line of natural and wholesome foods, emphasizing a simple ingredient list, and an identity rooted in the soils and flavors of the Midwest. Steve and Anita continue to lead the growth of the LocalFolks Foods line.

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Omena Organics

Organic Valley Cooperative

Organic Valley is a cooperative of organic dairy farmers that are located throughout the Midwestern United States. We are pleased to offer their organic butter and cheese products. 

The Organic Valley Story:

Our story starts back in January of 1988—a time when family farms were on the brink of extinction. We were a handful of farmers in Southwestern Wisconsin’s coulee region and we shared a love of the land. We also shared the belief that a new, sustainable approach to agriculture could help family farms and rural communities survive. With a small poster inviting area farmers to join our current CEIEIO, George Siemon, for an informational meeting regarding the formation of the Coulee Region Organic Produce Pool (CROPP) at the county courthouse, we created enough momentum to carry us to this day.

Folks back then, just like you today, were concerned with food quality and environmental issues. They were looking for more natural, nutritious food—food grown without synthetic and potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. We began by growing organic vegetables, and soon added organic dairy products. When we found the demand we anticipated was real, we created the Organic Valley brand name and expanded our product line.

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Our3 Bone Broth

Our3 Bone Broth

Our3 Broth is the creation of local Fort Wayne husband and wife team, Joseph and Courtni Allison. They are passionate about empowering others to live a confident, healthy lifestyle through educating and using local, sustainable farmers and ingredients. 


Joseph is a Certified Executive Chef with 17 years of experience in both the restaurant industry and in culinary instruction. Courtni is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist expanding 8 years of experience specified toward women’s health. It is their mission to bring you the highest quality food available!

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Seven Sons Family Farm

Seven Sons Family Farm

Hi, my name is Lee Hitzfield founder of Seven Sons Farms. My wife Beth and I along with our seven sons and their families own and operate a pasture-based livestock farm in northeast Indiana producing natural grass-fed beef, free-range pork and eggs. As farmers we understand that how we manage our soil, plants and animals will directly affect the physical, mental and spiritual health of those who consume the products of our farming choices. The vocation of bringing food to your table is not just a business to us, but also a personal ministry and responsibility that we take very seriously!

Get to know us by visiting our About Us Page!

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Skinny Piggy

Smoking Goose

Smoking Goose Meatery produces handcrafted, flavor-packed protein treats.

From our Indianapolis meat locker, we make both traditional and unique carnivorous concoctions including slow cured and smoked meats, salami and fresh sausages.

We only cure and smoke the meat from healthy animals raised on independent Indiana farms by people who care as much about the well-being of the animals and the land as they do their own families.

By taking the time to use traditional methods like seam butchering each animal, hand tying every piece, and curing without additional compound nitrates, we tend to every product with the same mindset: respect nature, honor tradition, and get hungry.

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Snowville Creamery

Sunflower Sundries

Sunflower Sundries makes soap, jam, mustard, pickled asparagus & okra, and fresh ground corn meal, by hand using traditional methods and locally grown fruits and vegetables. We have a soap shop where we produce 6 kinds of high quality herbal soap using a centuries old process called the cold-batch method. In our small commercial kitchen we cook up 16 varieties of traditional jams, 4 kinds of coarse-grained mustard, and pickled asparagus & okra in season. Non Chemical growers since 1974, we sell to customers by mail-order, on-line, at several festivals during the year, several on-farm activities, and in our shop on the farm. We help organize the yearly May's Lick Asparagus Festival, our local celebration. We grow several small fruits: black currants, rhubarb and gooseberries for use in our jam. The rest we buy from local growers, most of whom grow naturally, without sprays or chemical fertilizers. Our farm is in a very rural area of NE Kentucky and visitors are welcome if you call ahead.



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Sunny Meadows Cheese

Our farm produces raw milk cheese from grass-fed Jersey Cow. We rotationally graze our cows on 60 acres of pasture with grass and clover.

We practice environmentally friendly biodynamic farming methods. Chemical fertilizers, synthetic hormones or toxic pesticides are never used on our farm. Our Jersey cows are never force-fed to produce more milk than they were designed to produce. This is one reason our Sunny Meadows Cheese is so delicious and nutritious.

Many natural nutrients in milk are altered or destroyed when temperatures exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit. We do not pasteurize our milk and our cheesemaking recipe temperatures do not exceed 103 degrees. All of our cheeses meet the Federal Law Specifications because none of our cheeses leave the curing rooms until they are aged a minimum of 60 days.

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Sweet Life Honey Farm

Sweet Life Honey Farm is a locally owned and operated farm running approximately 700-800 hives of bees. The owners are Matt and Rachel Green, Sadye H. and Cindy Sheets.





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Traders Point Creamery

Traders Point Creamery is a family-owned artisan dairy farm located in Zionsville, Indiana. We started making dairy products, selling direct to customers, and delivering in the central Indiana region in the summer of 2003. Our herd of Brown Swiss spend all of their time on pastures and we milk 60 to 90 cows each day throughout the year. Our farm is Certified Organic by the USDA. Additionally, we purchase milk from similar sized local farms who share in our organic, 100% Grassfed beliefs. As certified organic milk producers you can be assured that we never use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides on our land and our cows never receive antibiotics or synthetic hormones. We produce pure, fresh, creamline whole milk, chocolate milk, plain, and fruit yogurts. Our cheese offerings include 3 flavors of Fromage Blanc, cottage cheese, and our raw milk natural rind aged cheese “Fleur de la Terre.” We believe in “nourishing the land that nourishes us all.” This means preserving the family farm and continuing our grandparents’ legacy of sensible, sustainable, low-input agriculture.

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Twilight Dairy

Since 2008, we have made it our business to create the freshest, most healthful cheeses we can, right here on our family owned operated 120-acre dairy farm. You may know us as "sunset Acres," but in 2014 we changed our name to better reflect our line of dairy products. With the new name cam a fresh new look that jumps off store shelves.

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Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Co.

Our perspective on salmon, our process and our people make all of the difference. When it comes right down to it, our business is all about taste, and we never forget that fact.  For that reason, everything we do is done with quality in mind.  We only fish for the absolute best and we handle it all very carefully and quickly.  To us, taste is all that matters.

Our process is different, too.  We handle practically everything, from fishing to processing the catch, so we can ensure quality.  Our proprietary methods are more efficient and faster.  The result?  A better product on your table!

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