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Turkey Breast

Turkey Breast

2 - 3lb / pkg

Turkey breast is the perfect protein for any meal. It's delicious, flavorful, and easy to prepare. This classic cut is sure to be a pleaser, even for the pickiest of eaters.

Turkey breast is great for holiday dinners and sandwiches alike. Our turkey breast is juicy and always raised GMO-free.

We make sure our turkeys are pasture-raised, but winter housed so you get meat that's as good for you as it can be. Our birds are never given hormones or steroids either so you're getting a product you can feel great standing by. 

Our 2-3 pound package will be perfect for your family regardless of the season. It's a great solution for when cooking the whole bird isn't what you want to do.

Our birds always pack in the most flavor possible. Order one of our packages today and get dinner sent right to your door, or come to our farm store and pick it up yourself. We're happy to help you put a great meal on the table!