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Pork Tomahawk Chop

Pork Tomahawk Chop

8 - 12 oz | pkg

At Seven Sons, we have every cut a meat-lover could ever want. This is why we go big with our Premium Reserve Tomahawk pork chop. This juicy cut of pork is cut right from the most tender part of the pig - the loin. It is an industrial-sized bone-in masterpiece that is cut right from the middle of the loin, through the rib, and put right on your plate.

Our signature craft cut is a favorite among celebrity clients like chef Todd English. This is because it is tender and flavorful, everything you want your pork cut to be. We serve it up as an 8-12 ounce package perfect for seasoning, cooking, and serving right up with the massive rib bone still intact.

Cooking for a meat-lover in your life? The tomahawk chop is the best cut that is sure to impress. It combines tantalizing flavors with premium, high-quality meat, tender texture, and an impressive bone-in craft cut for one of the most intense and elevating dining experiences out there. Become the ultimate grill master as you serve up this hunk of delectable flavors. 

Cook this delicious cut on the grill, in the pan, or even in the oven. There's no way to mess this up. Try the tomahawk chop today for a unique and flavorful cut.

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