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The Bison Box

The Bison Box

9.75 lbs Avg. (39 4oz portions).

The Bison Box features a collection of our premium, limited-supply Indiana Grassfed Bison raised right here on Grandpa Hitzfield's pasture.

When you buy the Bison Box, you'll have a wide assortment of our delicious bacon-infused Buffalo burgers and fully marbled Ribeye steaks for the grill. Not to mention ground bison, meat for stew and a Chuck roast for your Comfort food likings or casseroles.

Make plans to try our flavorful bison meat as part of your meal plan this month. With the bison box you'll be set to try some of our customer's favorites from our Bison collection.

The Bison Box Includes:

  • 1  (12 oz.) Bison Ribeye Steak
  • 1  (2 lb.) Bison Chuck Roast
  • 3  (12 oz. pkgs.) Bison Meat for Stew
  • 3  (12 oz. pkgs) Ground Bison
  • 8  (5 oz.) Buffalo Bacon-Infused Burgers