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Stewing Hen

Stewing Hen

2 - 3lb avg / bird

Stewing hens are an excellent option for folks who want to add a traditional flair to their usual dishes. Stewing hens are older and more flavorful free-range hens that have lived a long and fulfilling life on open ranges.

This type of meat boasts superior nutrient value and a low price point. You will need to cook stewing hens for many hours and at a low temperature. However, when prepared right, they come out beautifully tender and rich in flavor. 

Stewing hen is leaner meat with richer fats. Try slow cooking it and making a soup. You'll find that the broth tastes warmer and more decadent. 

An excellent way to cook a stewing hen is to put it in a crockpot set on the low heat level. Use herbs like rosemary and thyme and leave it in the crockpot for 10-15 hours. You can save the bones and use them to make a bone broth later.

Our hens are free of hormones, steroids, and GMOs. We source all our poultry from farm-raised providers who guarantee ethical treatment. You can trust in our promise and experience with our high-quality meats.

Your bird will arrive in an insulated container that preserves the freshness of your meat. Get your stewing hen today!