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(18-20 lbs) Whole Turkey

(18-20 lbs) Whole Turkey

18 - 20 lb. Avg

Whole turkeys are a Thanksgiving holiday classic. Our large turkey ranges from 18-20 pounds on average, each packed with juicy flavor!

All turkeys we sell have been reared in our open pasture, family farm in Northern Indiana.

Turkey is known to have many healthy properties. It's a rich source of protein, zinc, vitamin B-6, and vitamin B-12.

If you're looking to roast the entire bird, we recommend allowing three hours of roasting on the day of cooking. Also, if you want even more flavor to our whole turkey, why not rub the outside of the bird with garlic herb butter before roasting? This will leave it with a fantastic golden brown skin, brimming with flavor! However, we also suggest dividing the bird up into cuts of breast, thigh, and legs in order to create a range of fabulous meal plans

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