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Lamb Soup Bones With Meat

Lamb Soup Bones With Meat

1lb / pkg

Crafting the perfect stew or soup means combining all the right ingredients to make for a savory taste like no other. Lamb's bones are a popular ingredient that promises flavor and richness.

We take this one step further with lamb soup bones with meat. Mix this with your favorite vegetables and all the right ingredients for a rich and hearty stew or soup.  

With the meat on, this cut combines the flavor of the bone with the delight of the protein-rich sustenance. The bones bring nutrients like collagen, marrow, protein, calcium, and amino acids as well. After simmering in preparation, the meat will fall off the bone and give protein to the meal.  

Animal bones are great flavor additives to soups and stews, and meat-on options ensure richer flavor and more essential nutrients.

All of our livestock are grass-fed and steroid and hormone-free, and we have committed to ethical farming to ensure our animals are happy. Customers rest assured in the knowledge that our products are high-quality and delivered farm to door.