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Lamb Shoulder Chop

Lamb Shoulder Chop

5 - 7 oz / pkg

Lamb Shoulder Chop is a nutritious and flavorful cut of meat that you can cook in several ways. The shoulder chop is one of the many types of chops that you can cut from lamb. It is often a thicker cut than the chop from the rib or loin area.

The nutrients and minerals from the shoulder chop make it an excellent option for the health-conscious individual.  

You can prepare and enjoy the shoulder chop in a variety of ways, including pan-grilled, braised, seared, or straight from the skillet. Lamb is excellent when combined with rich flavors and seasonings like onion, garlic, rosemary, or sides of cabbage. It is popular in Greek and Mediterranean dishes, making it a cultural exploration when prepared right.  

Our chops come from the most delectable cuts of meat and are the highest quality. The lamb from Seven Sons is free from hormones, steroids, and antibiotics.

We center our operations on ethical farming practices while maintaining customer service expectations. It is available by the pound and ready for smooth delivery.

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