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Lamb Lolipop Chops

Lamb Lolipop Chops

8oz | pkg
$28.00/lb. Avg. 8 oz.
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For a different type of lollipop, the lamb lollipop chop promises a delectable delight. When cooked just right, this cut of meat will melt right off the bone. It has a distinguished cut and often comes in at 8 ounces or less. As a higher-end cut of meat, it is an excellent centerpiece for date night or a special occasion.  

The best feature of this chop is the thickness of the cut. It is often 1 inch thick, if not more. The meat is lean and tender, making it easy to leave on or scrape off the bone. After spending some time on the grill, this cut of lamb will make it clear why you should skip the steak and try something different.  

Similar to the other high-quality meat selections at Seven Sons, the meat is from 100% grass-fed lamb and is free of steroids or hormones. Our speedy delivery options will have the order to your doorstep in an insulated box before you know it. The shipment method ensures your product remains frozen.