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Lamb Breakfast Patties

Lamb Breakfast Patties

12oz | pkg

Lamb breakfast patties from Seven Sons bring a new, mouthwatering take on an old classic. Spice up any breakfast meal with a twelve-ounce package of our most excellent lamb sausage to see what we mean.

We mix salt, mace extract, red pepper, sugar, red and black pepper, sage, and rosemary for a perfect blend and explosive taste. It pays homage to the origins of sausage while remaining fresh and delightful. 

The origin of sausage, another name for a breakfast patty, is salsicus, the Latin word for "seasoned with salt." The salt acted as a preservative in a time before refrigeration. It helped to remove moisture from the meat and prevent contamination. While it's fine to refrigerate our patties, we still use salt to help preserve the rich flavor of the meat. 

The richness of the flavor is possible because of our high-quality products and grass-fed meat. We never use hormones or steroids, so your meat is safe and GMO-free. Seven Sons Farms delivers around the nation, but our insulated box design ensures your meat stays frozen.


lamb, water, salt, dextrose, sugar, black and red pepper, extractives of mace, red pepper, rosemary, sage.