Grain-Free Egg Box

Grain-Free Egg Box

Packed with Extra Love!
4 Dozen
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We are fortunate here at Seven Sons to partner with our friends Willis and Isabell Loftin from the Endless Knot Community (EKC) Farm to connect customers with Grain-Free, Low-Lectin Eggs

These hens get about 1/3 of their diet from diverse forages on pasture, 1/3 insects and 1/3 supplement non-GMO feed. In order to not compromise on the quality of their eggs, the Loftin's have partnered with Kraut Creek Natural Feeds in Ohio to create a grain-free, low-lectin supplemental chicken feed that nourishes their birds.

This feed is balanced to provide the chickens with the nutrients they need to produce the best eggs that are formulated according to Dr. Gundry’s Yes List (a list of low lectin foods) for those who have read Plant Paradox book.

Their healthy chickens never receive growth hormones or antibiotics and thus are able to produce the highest quality eggs on the market all naturally.

Read more and watch a video about these eggs here:

Safe Delivery Guaranteed

Here's the deal, eggs are fragile and even though we are sure to pack them with extra love, we've decided to take precautions a step further. In this egg kit, we are selling 42 pastured eggs, but you will receive 48 just incase any break. 

This is further explained, in the packaging video below :)

What does 'Pasture Packed' mean?

This means that these eggs are shipped with the bloom still intact, meaning that they will be perfectly safe to be out of the fridge during transport. This is how most eggs are sold in Europe.