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Bison Slow-Cooker Box

Bison Slow-Cooker Box

37 | 4oz equivalent servings

Look, we know that it's hard to choose just ONE bison cut.

If you like to make decisions as carefully as you cook your meat, you've probably been agonizing over our bacon burgers, ground bison, and chuck roast. But what if we told you that you don't have to choose between them...? Meet our Bison Slow-Cooker Box, a hand-picked selection of our favorite slow-cook steaks which offers you the best of all worlds. Four different cuts of meat, 100% grass-fed bison.

From our mouth-watering bacon-infused buffalo burgers to our irresistible bison chuck roast, this box gives you the freedom to try out all the recipes you've got your eye on. BBQ, anyone?


Inside the Bison Slow-Cooker Box:

  • 1 | Bison Chuck Roast
  • 2 | 12oz Bison for Stew (30 Day Aged)
  • 4 | 5oz Bacon Infused Buffalo Burgers (2 Pkgs.)
  • 6 | 12oz Ground Bison

37 | 4oz equivalent servings