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Bison Sizzler Steak

Bison Sizzler Steak

7 - 9 oz avg | pkg

You may be wondering: what exactly is a bison sizzler steak? It's not the most well-known of cuts, but it's one we consider a best-kept secret. Taken from the rounded part at the bottom of a sirloin - a typically tough area - sizzler steaks benefit from being marinated and slow-cooked to help combat toughness and keep them moist. However, many people enjoy searing these steaks in a pan and listening to them live up to their name - sizzling!

If you choose to marinade your sizzler steak, use an acidic base such as lemon or lime juice, vinegar, or wine. This will complement the flavor of the meat and stop it from drying out. If possible, leave the steak marinating overnight to make sure the liquid has really infused. Trust us - you'll be licking your plate at dinner time.

Why not order a bison sizzler steak today and see what you can create? At Seven Sons, we're proud of our cuts, which are taken from our 100% grass-fed bison. Our steaks are delivered straight to your door, fully frozen for freshness, so that you can cook them in confidence.