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Best of Lamb Box

Best of Lamb Box

34 | 4oz equivalent servings

As you peruse the ample options of the Pasture Lamb category, you might find yourself struggling to choose just one cut. This dilemma sparked the idea for the Best of Lamb Box. 

Seven Sons Farms is offering a combination deal that gives you a variety of cuts and signature recipe options so that you can try a myriad of dishes.  

The box comes with several pounds of lamb meat, including hardwood smoked bacon, shoulder chops, rib chops, loin chops, ground meat, twelve breakfast patties, Italian bratwurst links, and meat for stew. This combo deal allows you to enjoy this savory meat for a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes.  

The box will arrive in insulated packaging to keep the meat frozen and preserve freshness. You can safely store it until it is time to thaw, cook, and enjoy.

Best of Lamb contents:

1 Hardwood Smoked Bacon (Sugar Free)
2 Shoulder Chops (2 pkgs)
2 Loin Chops (1 Pkg)
2 Rib Chops (1 Pkg)
2 Lamb for Stew
3 Ground Lamb
4 Italian Bratwurst Links (1 pkg)
12 Breakfast patties (2 pkgs)

34 | 4oz equivalent servings