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Best of Burger Box

Best of Burger Box

48 4oz+ portions

This value bundle is a Burger lover's dream!

It features all of the best blends we have, highlighted by our Custom Gourmet Ground Beef which is made from a blend of brisket, short rib, and chuck.

You'll get to enjoy the convenience of pre-made Gourmet Blend Patties, and the four 1 lb. packages if you'd rather hand-craft your very own burgers or add this flavorful beef to a casserole or other weeknight meal.

It takes the prize as our juiciest ground beef blend!

Customers have also RAVED about our Bacon-infused burger patties since they were introduced in 2018. So, this box would not have been complete without 'em.

Last but not least, if you prefer your burgers a little on the leaner side then our Ground Sirloin is just for you. It's ground closer to 90% lean and makes for smoother eating experience and finer texture.

As you can expect when you order from Seven Sons Farm, our cattle are ethically raised and only grass-fed, meaning no grain EVER. They are never given hormones, steriods, antibiotics, GMOs or fed animal by-products.

What's Included?

  • 4  (1 lb. pkgs.) Ground Sirloin
  • 4  (1 lb. pkgs.) Gourmet Ground Beef
  • 8  (5 oz.) Bacon Infused Burgers
  • 8  (5 oz.) Gourmet Beef Patties

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