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29lb Beef Staples Box

29lb Beef Staples Box

The Beef Staples Box is perfect for anyone looking to stock up on a nice supply of versatile menu favorites like ground beef, burger patties, hearty Chuck roasts and steaks.

With a few varieties of our popular ground beef, from leaner sirloin to our tasty custom gourmet ground beef blend, you'll be ready for taco night, and a number of soups, stews or casseroles.

And, as always, if you're grilling...we have high quality, nutrient-dense pastured beef that your family will love.

When it comes to feeding families, Seven Sons Farms has it down consistently and proudly serving over 7,000 families across the country.

Our items come frozen, conveniently and safely shipped to your front door.


What's Inside?

  • 2  (2 lb.) Chuck Roast
  • 8  (4 oz.) Ground Beef Patties
  • 2  (1 lb. pkgs) Ground Sirloin
  • 2  (1 lb. pkgs) Gourmet Ground Beef
  • 2  (1 lb.pkgs) Chili or Taco Seasoned Ground Beef
  • 4  (12 oz. pkgs.) Beef Meat for Stew
  • 4  (8 oz.) Griller Steaks*
  • 12  (1 lb. pkgs) Ground Beef

Total of 29-30lb

*Your 4 Griller Steaks will include a combination of our high quality, yet lesser known steaks such as Flank, Skirt, Flat Iron, Petite Tender, Hanging Tender, Ranch or Sierra Steaks.
*Your seasoned ground beef will either be Chili, or taco flavored.