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Beef Snack Sticks (Sizzling)
Beef Snack Sticks (Sizzling)
Weight 8 oz.

Made with Natural raised beef which is never given any antibiotics or hormones and is 100% grass-fed. We use organic spices, filtered water and HIMALAYAN PINK SEA SALT, a mineral rich, sea salt. Himalayan sea salt is very rich in flavor. We use 1 pound of salt for every 100 pounds of meat. That makes the salt content 1%! Low fat 8%-15%, most other sausage products use 40-60% fat to extend the meat. We sell beef, not fat. Snack sticks have an eatable vegetable/beef collagen casing, organic dehydrated sugar cane, (it is 0.02% in the sausage, same as the other spices), and natural vitamin C. There is NO ADDED NITRATES OR MSG. NO CORN SYRUP, LIQUID SMOKE OR FILLERS, NO ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS, NO SOY, NO PORK IN OR AROUND ANY OF OUR PRODUCTS.

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