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Beef Italian Sausage (Sugar Free)

Beef Italian Sausage (Sugar Free)

16oz | pkg

Looking for a great tasting beef sausage that is sugar-free? You've come to the right place. These tasty Italian beef sausages burst with flavor. They are seasoned with fennel, paprika, and black pepper. The result? An exquisite taste. Best of all, these sausages are completely free of MSG, nitrites, and gluten! 

The fennel is what makes an Italian sausage distinct from a breakfast sausage, which is seasoned with sage. Our beef Italian sausages can be enjoyed mild or hot. Just add a shake or two of chile pepper to ante up the spice. These are a great way to impress dinner guests with a healthy yet appetizing choice. This versatile sausage makes a great choice for breakfast or as meatballs in a traditional Italian dish. 

These delicious Italian sausages are made from our 100% grass-fed cattle. Our cattle are raised in open pastures where they are free to roam. It's what allows us to ensure our customers that our animals are treated well and provide the best quality meat.


Beef seasoned with fennel, black pepper and paprika for a mouth watering Italian flavor! NO MSG, Nitrites or Gluten!