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Beef Breakfast Patties

Beef Breakfast Patties

12oz | pkg

These delicious beef breakfast patties offer a great alternative choice for that meat craving in the morning. These patties burst with flavors of black and red pepper as well as mace, rosemary, and sage. These herbs complement the flavor of beef without overwhelming it.

The meat used to create these beef breakfast patties is the best quality from our farm. It's all handmade by our very own butchers. All the cattle used for this meat are 100% grass-fed and never fed any grain. We raise all our livestock humanely on open pasture. This gives our customers confidence in the quality of meat and the treatment of the animals on our farm.

This beef patty can be used in a variety of recipes and to help create some of your favorite dishes. We guarantee a high meat content and no artificial preservatives. The beef breakfast patties deliver a delicious blend of juicy goodness and flavor. From breakfast to lunch and dinner, these tasty patties can be enjoyed at any time of day. Cook 'em up for the family or serve to guests at your next big gathering.


Beef, water, salt, dextrose, sugar, black and red pepper, extractives of mace, red pepper, rosemary, sage.