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20 PK Ground Beef Bundle

20 PK Ground Beef Bundle

1 lb / pkg.

*Great Value Bundle*

Get ready to enjoy a delicious custom blend of the round, chuck, brisket and trim from quality beef cuts yielding a 80-85% lean product.

Our hearty and healthy grassfed ground beef is available for you to stock up with 20 1lb. frozen packages.

If you are looking to order complete burgers or home-style steak patties, look no further. We provide delivery of our patties ready for the grill, as well as ground meat ready for use in chili, stews, meatballs.

If you are making your own special burger recipe, you can use our high-quality meat to bring a unique flavor to your dinner. Your friends and family will notice the difference immediately, and they'll never want to go back to factory farm produce again. 

Order from Seven Sons and have confidence in the meat that you eat. With bulk discounts and a large selection of choices for ground beef, we have something for everyone. With easy account setup, have no hesitation when using our easy order and delivery systems to buy the perfect meats for your meal.

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