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Pastured Raised Eggs

Looking for pasture-raised eggs from an ethical source? Seven Sons has got you covered with delicious farm fresh eggs of all sizes.

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3 ½ Dozen Fresh Egg Bundle

(Requires $149 purchase of frozen product)

7 ½ Dozen Fresh Egg Bundle

(Requires $149 purchase of frozen product)
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Fresh Milk and Eggs Box

2 1/2 gal Milk | 3 doz. Eggs
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Store-bought eggs can be a real pain. Traveling to the store can be an inconvenience - not to mention the uncertainty of where your products come from and whether or not the claims are true! There are plenty of risks - unless you buy "true"pasture-raised eggs like ours.

Whether you're born and raised in the countryside, or you're a bonafide city slicker, farm to table eggs of all sizes are simply unbeatable. All of our products are available for farm pick up and delivery no matter where you are. The delivery options mean you can receive that fresh taste straight to your door!

What makes our product truly stand out from our competitors? Our laying hens have access to several acres of pastures, which means they live their lives peacefully. We never give any of our animals GMOs, antibiotics, or any other drugs. Humane living conditions and natural diets mean our chickens produce eggs that are healthy and full of nutrients.

All of our products are ideal for keeping up an ethical kitchen and cooking a delicious meal. Contact us at Seven Sons to place your order today!