Regenerative Farming &
Ranching Workshop

3 Day Workshop to Restore Your Farm's
Ecological, Social & Economic Engine

Yield & pounds alone
don’t pay the bills.

Profits do.

Learn how to grow your profits through lower inputs and healthy soil at the upcoming Soil Health Academy. You and your business can’t afford to miss it.

3 Days of Intensive Training

Presented by Soil Health Academy & Seven Sons Farms
Two schools: Aug 20-22 or Aug 23-25 - Roanoke, IN

What you will learn...

✓  Restore Your Farm's Ecological Economic Engine

✓  Learn How To Turn Soil Biology into Real $$$

✓  Increase Soil Function with Livestock Integration on Cropland

✓  Advanced Soil Assessment Tools Made Easy

✓  Understand Integrated Pest Management Strategies to Reduce Pesticide Use

✓  Reduce Climatic and Financial Stress: Build Economic and Ecological Resilience with Stacked Enterprises

✓  Learn how to Design and Apply all Types of Diversity: Using Multi-Species Covers, Intercropping – Poly-Cropping... and More!


✓ Discover the Seven Sons Mindmap that highlights the most critical parts of our unique business models.

✓ Learn the 3 Keys of Smart-Stacking to Leverage Labor, and Generate Profits & Growth.

✓ Learn how we scaled our small pastured hen flock into a $100,000 Profit Center.

✓ Learn how to build a high residual Digital Marketing Engine that attracts & retains loyal customers.

✓ Learn how to craft a Story Branded Message that truly resonates with your ideal customer and allows you to thrive in an increasingly noisy marketplace.

✓ Learn how to unleash innovative spirits and entrepreneurial energies with a Plug & Play Business Structure designed to keep individual family members happy, motivated and laser-focused on their most fulfilling work!

Meet Your Instructors

World–Renowned Soil Health Educators

  • Ray Archuleta
    Ray Archuleta
  • Gabe Brown
    Gabe Brown
  • Allen Williams
    Allen Williams
  • David Brandt
    David Brandt

Meet Your Host Educators

Bonus sessions on stacked enterprises & direct marketing

  • Blake Hitzfield
    Blake Hitzfield
    Farm Production Manager
  • Blaine Hitzfield
    Blaine Hitzfield
    Marketing Manager

What Producers Are Saying...

“The material presented at the Soil Health Academy was everything we were hoping to cover and then some.”

“I really enjoyed the instructor’s passion, their diversity of knowledge, and their engaging personalities.”

“The Soil Health Academy was the best 3 days in my 35 years of farming.”

"I cannot say enough about how much help the family at Seven Sons has given to me. When I decided to move to a pasture-based operation everything I knew came from reading books and watching YouTube. The ability to actually see these practices in action and have the Hitzfields as a sounding board for questions and advice has been invaluable to Tyner Pond Farm and our success." Chris Baggott (Tyner Pond Farm - Greenfield, IN

"The folks from Seven Sons have proven to be invaluable since our journey started four years ago. They understand sustainable farming, and all aspects: environmental, social, and financial. Blaine's experience with e-commerce is of tremendous value to anyone who plans to rely heavily on the internet for their marketing." Mark Grieshop (Pasture’s Delights Dairy - Decatur, IN)

Been wanting to send an email to thank you for putting on the conference. I can't tell you how inspiring it was and your willingness to share your knowledge and help other farmers is truly a blessing. It keeps us start up guys going!" Jeff Smith (The Grass Feather - Richland, MI)

The Venue

Lodging & Breakfast


Comfort Suites

775 Coventry Lane, Fort Wayne, IN, 46804, US
Phone: (260) 436-4300 Fax: (260) 436-2030

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Classroom & Field Training at Seven Sons


Seven Sons Farms

15718 Aboite Road, Roanoke, IN 46783

Directions (10 minutes from hotel)

3 Days of Intensive Training

Presented by Soil Health Academy & Seven Sons Farms
Two schools: Aug 20-22 or Aug 23-25 - Roanoke, IN

$1,275 Investment / Student 

Nowhere else will you get such comprehensive knowledge in a single workshop.

Limited to 30 students per class