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Seven Sons Apple Butta-Q Grilled Pork Chops
March 3, 2016 • 0 comments
Seven Sons Apple Butta-Q Grilled Pork Chops


Pre-heat your grill to high for 5 minutes before grilling

Step 1 - Season both sides of the pork chops with olive oil, smoked salt and pepper.  Slice the apples into thick slices and sprinkle with real salt and cinnamon to taste

Step 2 - Clean and oil your grill grates to help prevent sticking.  Grill chops over high heat for about 3 minutes per side, then move them to finish cooking on indirect heat.  Grill apples on high heat for about 2 - 3 minutes per side.  Once the pork chops are done, turn the grill down to medium heat and dip the pork chops into the BBQ sauce and place back on the grill to set the sauce.  It only takes a few minutes per side to set the sauce.  This can be done more than once if you prefer a saucier pork chop 

Cook Times and Temperatures - Always use an instant read thermometer for a more accurate way to check for doneness. 

Temperatures for this recipe are below:

145 degrees for Medium Rare

160 degrees for Medium

Pit Master's Tip:  If cooking over real wood, only use fruit wood to enhance the flavor even more.  Apple wood is preferred.  To add even more flavor, you can marinate the pork chops for a few hours in apple cider before grilling.


Apple Butta-Q Grilled Pork Chops

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