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Healthy 2020 sale ends Monday January 13th @11:59 pm EST

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I'm eating a paleo/keto diet currently and want to eat the safest/best animal foods and fats since that is the majority of my diet... Thank you Seven Sons for making eating safe/healthy animal products easy and available for me!
Vicki Maher
We had to switch to grass fed because of health issues with my younger daughter. Since finding Seven Sons we have had good success with our daughter. Seven Sons' products are the best around trying so many others I’ve stuck with them for over a year. Keep up the great work.
Jorge Reyes
I was so ill and I follow an autoimmune diet. I MUST be pesticide, herbicide, GMO, gluten free. Seven Sons is a cornerstone for my health. Bless you all. Keep doing what you do. I tell everyone I know about your product which is so delicious.
Trish Martinez
It's so hard to find quality meat that you are confident about these days. I suffer from chronic acid reflux and have been a big believer in finding the proper diet to help reduce my prescription pill usage. Seven Sons has been a part of that!
Zach Shier
I recently purchased their bacon without sugar and did not tell my husband (he is not a healthy eater and was afraid if he knew it was different he wouldn't like it). He loved it and I have ordered several more!
Amy K
The quality of the products is great and the prices beat local supermarkets for grass fed pasture raised meats. Because of Seven Sons I am healthier and happier because I can get quality food for a fair price without contributing to the unethical treatment of animals at factory farms.
Kurtis Anderson
Having a local source of pasture raised meat and eggs is a real benefit, allowing us to eliminate antibiotics and other chemicals from our meats and eggs. We highly recommend their products as a healthy and tasty choice!
Larry Slagle
Ordering was easy, the package arrived on time, in great condition. Perhaps it's being overly dramatic but the meat smelled better, tasted better, and I felt better serving quality product to my family. Nothing is more important than the health and well being of my family so I will definitely be ordering from Seven Sons again!
Linda Lea
This is by far the best bang for the buck for your health. Grass-fed, Non-GMO, No Antibiotics or Hormones and Pasture-Raised! Keep up the good work, you have a customer for life!
Jason Graun

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Healthy 2020 sale ends Monday January 13th @11:59 pm EST