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Farm Mentoring


Due to numerous requests we now provide tours and consulting for those who are new to pasture-based food production and direct marketing. Schedule a time to visit our farm for an afternoon and allow us to explain the inner workings of our operation and reveal what we’ve learned from the last 16 years of trial, error, and success. Take pictures, videos and ask any questions you want.

Consultation Fees:

  • Basic Tour (2hrs) $500
  • Half Day (4hrs) $1,000

Note: We consider it an honor to share with other farms. If you are a fellow farmer seeking information and advice, we would kindly request that you would contact us to make proper arrangements before your visit.

Contact us to schedule your visit

Speaking & Workshops


We receive numerous requests each year to speak at farm conferences and fields days. Popular topics we are happy to cover in detail:

Stacked Model Enterprises (Blake or Blaine Hitzfield)
Finishing Grass-fed Beef (Blake Hitzfield)
Pastured Laying Hen Production (Bruce or Brice Hitzfield)
Direct Marketing (Blaine Hitzfield)
Speaking Fees:$2,000 per day honorarium  - Plus All Expenses: Travel, Lodging (Private, Non Smoking Hotel Room), Meals at cost.

Note: Fee is charged per each speaker. If you wish to have multiple members of our farm speak please be aware that multiple speaking fees will apply.

Contact us to schedule us for your next event

What Other Farmers Are Saying

"Our experiences with Seven Sons have been a critical element to starting our farm. From touring Seven Sons Farms we got to see first-hand how they manage their land, grass, and animals. We are using what we learned there to shape our farm." Jeremy & Holly Sorenson (Weeds Farm - Larwill, IN)

"I cannot say enough about how much help the family at Seven Sons has given to me. When I decided to move to a pasture-based operation everything I knew came from reading books and watching YouTube. The ability to actually see these practices in action and have the Hitzfields as a sounding board for questions and advice has been invaluable to Tyner Pond Farm and our success." Chris Baggott (Tyner Pond Farm - Greenfield, IN

"People of character. Passion for what they do. The folks from Seven Sons have proven to be invaluable since our journey started four years ago. They understand sustainable farming, and all aspects: environmental, social, and financial. Blaine's experience with e-commerce is of tremendous value to anyone who plans to rely heavily on the internet for their marketing. If you are thinking about entering or are still new to sustainable farming and direct marketing, learning from their success is the surest way to get you started off on endearingly successful journey." Mark Grieshop (Pasture’s Delights Dairy - Decatur, IN)

"Been wanting to send an email to thank you for putting on the conference. I can't tell you how inspiring it was and your willingness to share your knowledge and help other farmers is truly a blessing. It keeps us start up guys going!" Jeff Smith (The Grass Feather - Richland, MI)

Consulting Tour Includes:

Tour of Grass-fed Beef Operations

  • Forages that will help optimize daily gains for finishing stock.
  • Type/genetics of cattle that perform well on forage.
  • Rotational grazing techniques and best pasture management practices.
  • Examples of fencing and waterline infrastructure.
  • Stockpiled grazing, winter finishing and how to harvest stored forages for optimal energy/brix levels and digestibility.
  • What well fattened 100% grass-fed beef should look like.

Tour of Free-Range Pork Operations

  • Breed/type and farrowing techniques.
  • Best fencing and watering infrastructure specific to free-range hogs.
  • Types of portable shelters for year-round production.
  • Types of supplemental feeding rations and protocols

Tour of Pastured Poultry Operations

  • Moveable hen houses (hen hotels) and how to build your own.
  • Deep-bedded hoop-house structures for winter housing.
  • Breed selection for hardiness and efficiency.
  • Supplemental feeding rations and protocols
  • Equipment/supplies as well as egg gathering and processing procedures and facilities.

Tour of Marketing Operations

  • How to set up, operate and market a successful on-farm store.
  • How to develop beyond-the-farm marketing avenues (buying clubs, restaurants & retails stores)
  • Custom processing and developing products that add value and streamline your marketing/distribution logistics.
  • Warehouse infrastructure, low-cost cold storage, and delivery equipment options.
  • Internet marketing tools, resources, and techniques.

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