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Life on the Farm

Come visit the farm to learn how our animals are raised

Seasonal Wagon Tours

Seven Sons Farm Tour

Experience our farm firsthand with a fun and educational wagon tour led by one of our family members. Get ready to out to pastures to see how our herds migrate through hundreds of acres of pasture followed by thousands of happy hens in their mobile coops. We'll also stop for a visit with the pastured pigs and perhaps you'll even get a peek at our grandfather's bison herd (if they're not hiding in the woods) 

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Visit Our Farm Store

Seven Sons Farm Store Roanoke

Come on out and visit our on-farm-store. We are open Monday thru Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM and closed on Sundays.

You will find a wide selection of our most popular products including:

  • Pasture-raised eggs
  • 100% grass-fed beef
  • Pasture-raised chicken.
  • And more
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Join Blaine & the Brothers for a Virtual Farm Tour

We'll teach you how to stop wasting money on misleading and confusing food labels.

Farm Outreach

Inspiring a New Generation of Farmers

Farm Mentorship

Seven Sons Farm Consulting

Due to numerous requests we now provide tours and mentorship for those who are new to pasture-based food production and direct marketing. Schedule a time to visit our farm for an afternoon and allow us to explain the inner workings of our operation and reveal what we’ve learned from the last 16 years of trial, error, and success. Take pictures, videos and ask any questions you want.

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Speaking & Workshops

Blaine Hitzfield speaking

We receive numerous requests each year to speak at farm conferences and fields days. Popular topics we are happy to cover in detail:

Stacked Model Enterprises (Blake or Blaine Hitzfield)
Finishing Grass-fed Beef (Blake Hitzfield)
Pastured Laying Hen Production (Bruce or Brice Hitzfield)
Direct Marketing (Blaine Hitzfield)

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