Sunday Afternoon Horseback Riding at Seven Sons

August 19, 2015

By Blaine Hitzfield

Sundays on the farm are usually fairly relaxed. Those of us at the farm that have livestock chores will wake early to tend the animals and gather eggs. Church service begins at 10AM so this means rising around 6-7AM. During the afternoons we try to spend time together as a family. As some of you know our family has grown in the last several years. The three oldest sons are married and there's now six grandchildren and one more on the way. When possible we all try to get together at the home farm for an afternoon of visiting and sharing in a farm fresh meal. It's always great fun and inevitably a few of us brothers will delve into a brain storming session talking about future ideas and plans around the farm.  

Last Sunday was a little out of the ordinary. My younger brother Brice and his wife Katie took their horses for a trail ride and rode all the way through the woods and arrived at our family gathering on horse back. Usually the horses stay at Katie's home place where she grew up. Katie is an award-winning horse back rider and has won multiple competitions and also provides horse lessons. Katie's personal horse is named Quixote (pictured below) and this horse was actually bred and trained as a cutting horse.

Quixote is a 14 year old Quarter Horse which is a very versitile breed and is perfect for ranching and herding cattle as this breed excels at sprinting short distances. Interestingly the name "Quarter Horse" came from its ability to outdistance other horse breeds in races of a quarter mile or less.

The highlight of our Sunday afternoon was letting the grandkids take turns riding the horses. 

Pictured above are my sons Bryton (5 years old) and his younger brother Tyton (3 years old.) Katie and Brice spent generous effort and time leading the horses while the kids had a blast. Typically Bryton and Tyton are more intersted in tractors and ATVs instead of animals, however as you can see from Tyton's wide smile they are completely capivated by their first horse riding experience. 

The horse pictured in front is Sheba who is a 13 year old Tennassee Walker. Even though Sheba is a little younger she has a more timid dispostion while Quixote is a bit more spirited. Tennassee Walker's are known for being extremely smooth when trotting. 

After the kids had their turns I jumped in the saddle and Quixote and I took a quick joy ride. It has been many years since I rode horses and as a child I invisioned myself growing up to be a cowboy. For many years I wore an old rugged cowboy hat and picked up the nickname "Tex". The nickname eventually wore off, however 15 years later when Charis and I had our first son I wanted to name him Tex. My wife however wasn't all that fond of this as a first name so we settled on Bryton Tex Hitzfield. 

This experience definitely brought back childhood memories and also possibly ignited a new past time for our family. A big thanks to Katie and Brice for making our Sunday on the farm an extra special experience!

For those that may be intersted in horse lessons feel free to reach out to Katie anytime: [email protected]

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