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Major Flooding at Seven Sons

June 17, 2015

Within the last several days we have experienced major flooding here at our farm in Roanoke Indiana. Excessive rains this summer have over-saturated our soil and a 3 inch rain Sunday night resulted in nearly 100 acres of flood waters up to 10 feet in some areas on our farm. Many of you may recall the flooding we received a few years ago that caused severe fence damage and crop loss. This flood is surely to cause just as must damage if not more. At this point it looks fairly certain that we will lose an entire field of our non-gmo soybeans.

On a positive note all of our livestock are safe and sound as we had anticipated the possibility of flooding and moved them to high ground. Fortunately most of our acreage is planted to perennial grasses and legume pastures and these forages can recover fairly quickly after a flood. This is just one of the many forgiving benefits that pasture-based agriculture provides. 

Watch video below to see an aerial view of the flooded areas on our farm. 

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Blaine Hitzfield

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