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Inspiring The Next Generation Of Farmers

December 17, 2016


Did you know that according to the most recent census of agriculture, from 2007 to 2012 there was a decline of over 95,000 farms in America. During this same time period the only category of farms that increased in number were those totaling 2,000 acres or more. 


Photo courtesy of farmaid.org

On average the modern farm now requires a minimum of 1,000-1,500 acres to support just one full-time income. In contrast Seven Sons is only a 3rd of this size yet it supports over 10 full-time incomes. According to statistical odds we should have gone out of business years ago yet here we are, not only surviving but thanks to your support, we are blessed to remain a thriving family farm. Undoubtably our survival has hinged on the support of our customers and the creative minds that bring value to each acre of our farm. 

Last week my brother Blake and I traveled to Boise Idaho where we were invited to share about our farm's story at the 5th Annual Idaho Sustainable Agriculture Symposium. We were honored to receive this invitation and we took the opportunity to emphasize the social, ecological and economic value that human diversity and a functional team of creative people can bring to each acre of land. 

At Seven Sons we believe that the people connected to the land represent the most valuable asset a farm could ever possess. Unfortunately, this is the very asset that is leaving our farms at a stark rate. The chart below tracks the decline of human minds involved in agriculture:


We also shared a detailed explanation of how we strive to foster a team culture that inspires the next generation of young people to remain on the family farm. We truly believe the survival of a family farm rest in the integrity and social strength of the family behind every farm. 

Below is a short clip that speaks to the drastic decline of human capital in agriculture over the past 100 years:

Click here to learn more about the mission and work of The Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture

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