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How We Raise Our Cattle... (And how to avoid phony grassfed beef!)

July 15, 2017

Did you know that imported grass-fed beef from foreign countries can be legally labeled and sold as "Product of USA"

You may also be surprised to learn that cattle fed grain by-products in a feedlot can still be sold to consumers under the label of "100% Grassfed." Matter of fact, everyday thousands of pounds of this falsely labeled beef is being sold to unsuspecting consumers at a premium price in upscale grocery stores across the United States. This is probably one of the biggest scams in the meat industry. 

So if you can't trust companies or the USDA to label products honestly, how can you ever know the truth behind the products you buy? There's really only one way to know the real truth and that is to get to know the farmer who raises your food! This is why we're filming a series of short videos that provide an overview of how we raise our animals at Seven Sons. 

Part 1 of this video series gives you a glimpse of our cattle enterprise and as a bonus we also provide you with some tips to help ensure you're getting the real thing when shopping for true grassfed beef.

Blaine Hitzfield

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