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Home Delivery Update

February 25, 2017

home-delivery-update-wide.jpgLast week was our first official week offering home delivery and we are delighted with such a positive response from so many customers. We packed two pallets worth of orders and delivered them to our local courier partner. We are grateful to have been introduced to a family owned courier company that provides home delivery services for us throughout the entire state of Indiana. This strategic partnership has allowed us to procure cold storage space in several hubs throughout the state allowing orders to be safely stored overnight and delivered the next day. It's amazing to see what can happen when people come together with open minds and innovative ideas. At Seven Sons it will always be our goal to provide you wholesome foods produced with integrity and made available to you in the most convenient way possible. 

Here's what one customer had to say after receiving their first delivery:

"Just received my first shipment this morning. The box was delivered on time by a very pleasant gentleman. 
I already tried your eggs. Oh boy, they reminded me what real eggs taste like, sooo good and wholesome! I've been using organic eggs from grocery stores, but your eggs are much much better and taste healthier. Can't wait to try your chuck roast as soon as it is thawed. Thank you so much for making home delivery available!!!"

Watch the video below for a quick update on our first week of home delivery:

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