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Grass-fed Buffalo at Seven Sons!

June 13, 2015
Grassfed buffalo / bison at Seven Sons in Roanoke Indiana

(Above: Our dominate herd bull standing up close to the fence.)

A new hearty way to experience grass-fed goodness!

We are excited to announce that buffalo now roam the prairies at the Seven Sons farm! These impressive beasts can stand up to 6 foot tall at the shoulders and will weigh over 2,000 pounds. You could definitely call these animals the "King Of The Prairie!" Buffalo are known for having a wild and ungovernable temper; however, our buffalo have become quite tame with mild dispositions. 

Our Buffalo enterprise is owned and operated by our grandfather Larry Hitzfield and his wife Carol. Grandpa began raising cattle on our land over 40 years ago and now today his grandsons represent the 3rd generation to raise livestock on this same land. 

You may be surprised to learn at one time Buffalo used to roam through parts of Indiana. Local history records indicated that the buffalos used to roam in herds over the western prairies and these same buffalos traveled across Indiana every year right through Floyd County on their way to Kentucky. Like all animals, buffalo needed salt to stay healthy. Since there was no salt in Illinois where they lived, they came to Kentucky to springs with salt the buffalo could lick. In addition, the buffalo could eat grass in Kentucky in the winter while the grasses in Illinois were covered with snow.

We do plan to have a very limited supply of grass-fed bison meat available later this year. Our herd is still very small and for the next few years our priority will be to grow our breeding stock so that we can reach a herd size that can adequately supply our patron base.

Watch video below to see our buffalo up close!

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