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Changing Faces, Changing Places

August 19, 2016


Seven Sons is made up of people that come to work everyday to contribute to fulfilling our farm's mission. Each person brings unique assets and personalities that makeup our unique team culture. That being said, its always difficult to lose a member of our team. For the past 3 years Matt Weaver has been a very valuable member of the farm. Matt has decided to take up a position with his family's business back in his hometown of Sweetser Indiana. We value Matt's desire to work with his family and we wish him the very best!


With Matt's departure brings new beginnings for others to come onboard. We are very excited and pleased to welcome Thane Faller as the newest member of our team. Thane has been a friend of our family for some time now and we are grateful for his commitment to join our farm's business.

Farewell thoughts from Matt:

Dear customers and club leaders,

I have recently been given the opportunity to go back to work for my family's construction business. This decision was extremely difficult for me since I have enjoyed my time with the Hitzfield family and staff at Seven Sons so much. I would like to share a little about my experience over the last few years.
In early 2013 I had the privilege of stepping in as a farm-hand at Seven Sons. This quickly evolved into a full time position fulfilling and delivering your orders. I also spent a great deal of time facilitating the day to day operations at Seven Sons. Since I have been able to see each step of the process from a newborn calf or piglet to loading your order into your vehicle.
I personally want to testify to the commitment to integrity and quality on the farm. I'm so thankful for my time spent with the family and staff that make up Seven Sons. In addition I'm grateful for the customers and club leaders I've had the privilege of getting to know over these past years. I've learned so much and will cherish the relationships and memories from this time for years to come.

Sincerely, Matt Weaver

Matt Weaver

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