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Achieve what matters most in 2018

December 30, 2017


Have you been brave enough to set some big New Year's resolutions yet? It's a scary thing to do when you consider commonly cited statistics stating only 8% of people actually reach their New Year's goals.

We've all been there, right?

In my personal life I'm beginning to learn that the process of how I go about setting goals can have the greatest affect on the outcome of the actual goal itself.

I've come to the belief that the goal setting process is a skill that must be acquired and honed like any other skill. 

Look at the world around us... Whenever people want to learn a new skill for their job they intuitively turn to educational resources and mentors. But for some reason when it comes to goal setting we don't think twice about heading blindly into the process without seeking much advice. Or worse yet, we may just choose to avoid goal setting all together. 

A few years ago I was at a conference in Colorado and spoke with a fellow by the name of Michael Hyatt. I later read his book Living Forward and began studying and practicing his goal setting framework. I've found this knowledge to be transformative and I couldn't recommend it more. 

George Bernard Shaw once said that "Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

If you're serious about achieving the big goals that matter most in your life I'd encourage you to invest in some resources that challenge the way you think about the process of goal planning and achievement. 

Here's a few resources I've found invaluable and recommend to close friends:

Do you have a favorite mentor, life coach or resource that has helped you achieve your most important goals? If so I'd love to hear about it! 

Leave your comment below...

Here's to your best year ever!

Blaine Hitzfield


Blaine Hitzfield

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