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A Personal Note of Thanks

November 16, 2018

Can you recall a season in your life when someone walked alongside you during a time of great difficulty?

The spring of 1999 was such a season for my family...

We had recently made the decision to leave our conventional farming methods in pursuit of raising better food.

This was a major change for us that lead way to a series of great financial difficulties.

Bankruptcy was a very real threat and that feeling of hopelessness was knocking at our door.

Our survival hinged on finding like-minded people who were willing to support our farm's newfound mission. 

Ultimately it was YOU (our customer) who walked alongside us during this difficult time.

YOU provided the crucial support that transformed our little farm from a state of just surviving - to a state of thriving! 

During this time of thanksgiving, we want to reflect on 19 years of thankfulness to you.


Everyone has their personal story of transformation to be thankful for.

Share YOUR story with us in the comments below!

On behalf of my parents, brothers and my entire family... we wish you and those you love a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Blaine Hitzfield

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