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hello COZY SEASON! who else loves cooking up cozy meals during the cold winter months? ❄️ there’s just somethin about a warm comforting meal that can’t be beat 🥰 one of my favorite meals to make (passed down from my mama!) is split pea soup 🍲 it only requires a few ingredients & makes for such a hearty meal! this season, I made with it @sevensonsfarms diced ham and it was a hit with the whole fam! highly recommend 🙌🏼
@nikki_booch on IG
...all grass-fed pasture-raised meat which makes such a difference in the taste and it’s a trusted brand for high quality meat because they are transparent about all their farming practices (plus it’s delivered to my door). We love using the different cuts in all our recipes. Tonight? A delicious roast!
@modernfarmhousefamily on IG
i know i am not alone in saying that being able to throw some items together and slow cook without much attention is a blessing this time of year, and what’s more of a blessing is knowing my homework is done in finding a brand i trust to deliver quality meat – the real homegrown stuff - from a farm that does everything possible to promote ethical animal practices and sustainable farming.
@whataleceats on IG

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